Water Transition & Evaluation Committee Selects Logo For Water Company

Kristen Arute, Hingham Current Staff, July 13, 2020

Water System logo selection per Water Transition & Evaluation Committee

The soon-to-be-acquired water system now has a new logo to go with the name. On Monday afternoon, the Water Transition & Evaluation Committee (WTAEC) selected a logo that will be used in a variety of places. “There’s a website that's being created, and there’s a lot of other communication topics that we’ll need these logos for,” said Chair Jim Taylor,” including new signage for the water treatment plant, including uniform patches for the employees, including vehicle patches.”


Designer Will Uronis was on the call. He explained the thought process behind the final eight designs and shared feedback that had been received along the way. This was the third public meeting held to discuss the logo for the water system. The WTAEC had already reviewed the original twelve designs last week, and the Board of Selectmen took up the topic at their meeting last Thursday. During the Selectmen’s review, members of the Board expressed their opinions on everything from the different shades of blue to a preferred typeface. “I am partial to san serif fonts,” said Selectman Mary Power.


The WTAEC members agreed that the darker shade of blue was preferable and immediately ruled out logos that used the letters “W” and “R” in them opting for ones that were stylistic variations on water. Concerns were raised over the similarity of some of the designs to other company logos, like Pepsi Cola and the Trustees of the Reservations, but Taylor assured committee members that a legal review had already taken place. “We had a conversation last week with the town’s attorney and the trademark attorney that the town’s engaged to ensure that there wouldn’t be any questions or issues with these,” said Taylor, “and the trademark attorney had no issues with any of these finalists.”

The Board of Selectman tasked the WTAEC with the development of a logo for the newly-named Weir River Water System. The Committee interviewed many experienced designers, including Will Uronis of Hull and Steve Pratt of Hingham who we ultimately hired. "Each had impressive experience at large advertising firms, and midway through the selection process they decided to team up and work together on this project," said Taylor. "In addition to their extensive experience, they brought a knowledge of the area which was extremely helpful to the process. Following a number of brainstorming sessions, Will and Steve presented the Committee with 16 choices." These ran the gamut of incorporating the initials of the system to using wildlife that is found in the Weir River estuary to utilizing the shape of the river.


After extensive discussion, the WTAEC settled on the top five designs which were shared with the Selectmen who will be acting as Water Commissioners. In recent days, additional refinement to the logos was made. The Committee believes the logo that was selected best represents "the quality, cleanliness and reliability that all customers expect from their water company." Additionally, the logo itself is made up of two water droplets which form the outline of the Weir River which is a primary source of water for the system and the basis for its name.

Logo design finalists:

Members of the Water Transition & Evaluation Committee:

  • Jim Taylor, Chair

  • Scott Cyr

  • Dick Norman

  • David von Loesecke

  • Joe Welch

  • Mary Power, Selectman Liaison

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