Two Men Charged With Stealing. Defacing Thin Blue Line Flag

Kristen Arute, Hingham Current Staff, August 23, 2020

Courtesy Video

The Hingham Police Department released a statement today about an incident that occurred during the evening on Saturday, August 15th. "Two Hingham men are being charged with stealing and defacing a blue line flag from a home and posting a video of it on social media," read the statement. "One of the men is also being charged with tearing off a blue line flag sticker off a parked car and also posting that video." A source provided the Hingham Current with a copy of one of the videos.

An anonymous tipster notified the police that a flag pole and a Thin Blue Line flag had been stolen, and the tip included two videos from social media that showed the flag and flagpole being smashed on the ground, placed in a pool repeatedly and allegedly urinated on. Sources say that the flag belonged to neighbors who lived near a home that hosted a party the young men had attended.

Both young man are said to be recent graduates of Hingham High School where they were active in the drama program.

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