Tuesday Trivia - Mildred Cushing Woods

By Kristen Arute, Updated: May 26, 2020
Mildred Cushing Woods

The Hingham Conservation Commission owns the most land out of any town entity in Massachusetts, and all of it is reserved specifically for open space purposes.  These properties total 1,050 acres, and one of them is the Mildred Cushing Woods which is known for hiking, fishing, nature observation and water access. 


Located on the southeastern side of Cushing Pond, this 19-acre parcel was donated to the town by Mildred Cushing, a former Hingham resident and longtime member of the Conservation Commission.  The public can gain access to a half mile of trails along a footpath that is located on Cushing Street to the right of the pond.  There is also an open field that abuts several Main Street parcels.

"As a family, we frequently visit Mildred Cushing Woods, which is in walking distance from our home," said Crystal Kelly, a member of the Conservation Commission. "My children particularly enjoy the variety of birds we see as well as the tranquility of the woods and the beauty of the pond, and my boys love trying to find salamanders or spot a fish in the pond!"

The Conservation Commission is comprised of seven members who are appointed by the Board of Selectmen.  The Commission is charged with the maintenance and oversight of conservation land and the administration of the state's Wetlands Protection and Rivers Protection Acts and the Hingham Wetlands Protection By-Law, all of which are intended to protect the natural resource interests of the Town.


During these unprecedented times, the Commission has been working closely with the Board of Health and other town entities to strike a balance between encouraging people to get outdoors and staying safe while doing so.  They have developed strategies to prevent overcrowding of the properties while preserving public access to them - including erecting social distancing signage at the entrances.  "This is an ongoing and developing situation requiring constant reassessment," said Crystal. "The Commission has been very fortunate in that we have been able to keep the properties open to the public."

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