Town Shares Tips For A Safe Halloween Amid COVID

By Kristen Arute, Hingham Current Staff; October 14, 2020
Hingham Current file photo / Kristen Arute

During the Board of Selectmen meeting last night, Assistant Town Administrator Michelle Monsegur shared tips on how to celebrate Halloween safely. "To the extent that families and individuals feel it is safe to participate in Halloween activities this year, "she said, "please follow the state and federal COVID-19 guidance."

Monsegur then went on to lay out several suggestions offered by the Department of Public Health.

1. Wear face mask or face covering.

"If you choose the right costume, (this) should be pretty easy," quipped Monsegur.

2. Observe good hand hygiene.

This includes hand washing and the use of alcohol-based sanitizers with at least 60% alcohol.

3. Refrain from touching your face.

4. Stay home if you feel unwell.

Refrain from Halloween activities, including handing out candy, if you:

  • are feeling ill

  • have tested positive for COVID-19

  • have been exposed to someone who has tested positive for COVID-19

  • have traveled to or from a state that is not classified as lower risk within the previous 14 days

5. Maintain social distancing.

This means keeping 6 feet apart at all times from individuals who are not from the same household.

"The CDC offers additional guidance on lower, moderate and higher-risk Halloween activities on its website," added Monsegur. "We've posted this information on the town website in the COVID-19 update center."

Kristen Arute can be reached at kristen@hinghamcurrent.com.