Thin Blue Line Flag Removed From Fire Engine Will Tour Massachusetts

Kristen Arute, Hingham Current Staff, July 30, 2020

Hingham Current File Photo / Kristen Arute

According to a statement released by the president of the Professional Fire Fighters of Massachusetts, a Thin Blue Line flag that was removed from the back of a fire truck in Hingham this morning will be touring the Commonwealth. Rich MacKinnon Jr., president of the union, said that it will be "flown from fire trucks in communities that support Public Safety." When the tour is over, the flag will be presented to the Chesna family.

The letter reads:

"In light of recent events unfolding across the Commonwealth and our Nation, our Brothers and Sisters in blue have been under unprecedented and seemingly unrelenting attacks. This has occurred in the form of anti-labor legislation on Beacon Hill, anti-police rhetoric in the media, and overall negative sentiment towards the good men and women that put on a uniform every day and strive to protect and serve.


"This week the men and women of the Professional Fire Fighters of Massachusetts decided to take a stand in solidarity with our family in blue. That stand originated when Hingham Fire Fighters Local 2398 were ordered to remove the thin blue line flag that they were flying in support of slain Weymouth Police Sgt. Michael Chesna, because it was deemed offensive by fire dept and town leadership. After holding strong for over a week, Hingham Fire Fighters were joined this morning by the Weymouth Police union, who took custody of the thin blue line flags.


"In an act of solidarity, the Professional Fire Fighters of Massachusetts, working in unison with the Weymouth Police union and Weymouth Fire Local 1616, will pick up the torch initially lit by Hingham Local 2398. The thin blue line flag originally hung by Hingham Firefighters in honor of Sgt. Chesna will be making a tour around Massachusetts to be flown from fire trucks in communities that support public safety.


"When the tour concludes, the Professional Fire Fighters of Massachusetts, in collaboration with the Weymouth Police Union and Weymouth Fire Local 1616, will present the flag which was flown in support for our family in blue all over the Commonwealth, to the Chesna family. Any local wishing to participate, please reach out to District 1 Vice President James Brown at"

Here is the original letter:

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