11 Projects Seek Community Preservation Funds in Hingham 

By Greg Lane, Hingham Current Staff; September 25, 2020
Hingham Current News File Photo / Greg Lane

Several groups in Hingham are proposing improvements from additional affordable housing to renovating the Bare Cove Park museum to building a new community pool through the Community Preservation Act program. 

The groups submitted Preliminary Applications for funding which were due to the Community Preservation Committee by September 15, and will need approval from the committee. On Wednesday night, Chair Larry Lindner informed the group that it has approximately $750,000 in 2021 for projects that promote historic preservation, recreation and open space, and community housing. 


Among the projects under consideration by the Community Preservation Committee is a proposal by the Country Club Management Committee to redevelopment of the club’s pool, a plan to relocate and build a pool and splash pad with bathroom/locker facilities and a bubble for year round swim. The Country Club Management Committee is requesting $3 million. 

In another proposal under consideration by the Committee, the Hingham Affordable Housing Trust seeks $800,000 to be placed in the Trust’s Opportunity Fund. Lindner explained to the committee that the funds enable the Trust to respond quickly to purchase land for development/ preservation of affordable housing within the Town. 

Affordable housing is a high priority to Judy Sneath, a member of the committee, who expressed concern that the town has underfunded its commitment in the past. 


“I’m very interested in seeing the Hingham Affordable Housing Trust Opportunity Fund be funded this year given our history,” shared Sneath. 

The Community Preservation Committee is also considering the following projects: 

The committee is not able to fund all applications in 2021, and may reduce some of the amounts requested. 


The Community Preservation Act is funded by a local property tax surcharge. The town levies a 1.5% tax surcharge on HIngham residential and business properties each year.


The Community Preservation Committee Schedule


Oct. 13 - Applicants submit Final Application on Oct 13

Oct 21 - The Community Preservation Committee reviews the Final Applications  

Oct. 24 - The Community Preservation Committee visits the projects 

Nov. 18 - Applicants present projects to the Community Preservation Committee - Continued

Nov. 19 - Applicants present projects to the Community Preservation Committee 

Dec. 9 - The Community Preservation Committee discusses the applicants’ presentations

Jan. 6 - Applicants make a final presentation to the Community Preservation Committee - Continued

Jan. 7 - Applicants make a final presentation to the Community Preservation Committee

Jan. 13 - The Community Preservation Committee votes to approve projects for recommendation to voters at Town Meeting.

Projects funded last year ranged from purchasing the Benjamin Lincoln home to a study a Town-wide comprehensive study of HIngham’s athletic fields and outdoor tennis and basketball courts.  

Greg Lane can be reached at greg@hinghamcurrent.com.