Police Chief Glenn Olsson Submitted Retirement Notification Effective Today

Kristen Arute, Hingham Current Staff, August 3, 2020

Hingham Current File Photo / Kristen Arute

Town Administrator Tom Mayo sent a letter to staff and others advising them of Police Chief Glenn Olsson's retirement from the force after 40 years of service. "Today I received a letter from Chief Glenn Olsson notifying me of his retirement, effective today," he said. "While not unexpected, the Chief's retirement will certainly be felt by many of us for a long time to come."

In a letter to the Board of Selectmen dated July 31, 2020, Chief Olsson said that in addition to the pressures of COVID, managing the future needs of the department and the "rapidly changing social environment," his "strong desire to spend time with this family and pursue interests I have long neglected" were motivating factors in his decision.


Several months ago, Chief Olsson had informed Mayo of his intent to retire. However, upon the onset of COVID, Mayo said that Olsson "placed the needs of the Town first and postponed his retirement planning." After noting that it has been an honor to serve with the chief, Mayo said, "I have admired how he handles all of his duties with compassion and dignity" saying that Olsson's "consistency and humanity have helped guide the Town and the Department."

The letter closes with Mayo saying that Olsson's retirement will be a true loss for the Town but that it is "comforting to know that he will continue to be a phone call away whenever the Town needs him."

Olsson expressed his "thanks and gratitude and future support" to all the men and women of the Hingham Police Department. "They are without question the finest group of professional officers, working under extremely difficulty and challenging times," he said then closed by saying, "I wish all of my fellow officers all the best in their careers."

The staff at the Hingham Current would like to thank Chief Glenn Olsson for his many years of faithful service to the Town of Hingham.

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