Masks To Benefit 4th Of July Parade In 2021

By Kristen Arute, June 23, 2020 
Images Courtesy of Abi Sood

Abi Sood and his wife recently started a company called The Great Cover Up in order to create “comfortable, functional, and trendy” masks that would help people stay safe during the pandemic. The Soods run a family-owned textile business that has been in operation for over 20 years and focuses on “natural and sustainable fabrics that are ethically sourced from socially conscious resources.” They also partner with local groups around the country in an effort to give back to communities. 


This year, they will be donating a portion of the sales of their 4th of July masks to Hingham’s 4th of July Parade Committee in order to support a “bigger and brighter celebration” in 2021. “My wife grew up in Hingham, and as a family we have been bringing our children to the 4th of July parade since they were infants,” said Abi. “Last year we finally made the decision to move to Hingham and become a part of the community here.”


After a question was raised by Parade Committee Chair, Jim Murphy, Hingham’s Veteran’s Services Agent Keith Jermyn confirmed that the masks adhere to the “Flag Code,” which designates appropriate and inappropriate uses for the American flag. The Code states that unless the item of clothing is made out of an actual flag, it is not illegal.


The first shipment of masks has been received, and orders are being taken online. The word “Hingham” has been activated as a coupon code which allows residents to get free shipping and enables the company to track sales that are going toward the parade fundraiser.

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