Developer May Build Luxury Condos At Parish House

By Kristen Arute, Hingham Current Staff; October 14, 2020

Hingham Current file photo / Kristen Arute

Members of Old Ship Church voted overwhelmingly last night to allow the Board of Trustees to begin negotiations with Hingham-based Atlantic Development and the Affordable Housing Trust of the Town of Hingham (AHT) for the purpose of selling the Parish House property. The single-family lot, which falls within local, state and federal districts, would need approval to be subdivided and developed in a manner that is different from the way it is currently zoned.

During the course of various meetings, both the owner of Atlantic Development and the Trustees of Old Ship have shared that "luxury condominiums" would likely be built on the front portion of the lot. It is unclear if the existing Parish House would be razed or if the entire structure - or even just the façade - would be maintained. The back portion is of interest to the AHT, and it would be used to expand the Lincoln School Apartments, which is affordable housing for seniors. The new section of Lincoln School would likely be three stories high and include a dozen or so apartments on each floor.

The church's plan is to use the proceeds from the sale to construct a new parish house next to the existing Meeting House across the street. However, the size of the structure has not yet been determined. It could be as large as 11,000 square feet or as small as 3,000 square feet. In the meantime, the church will use a forensic archaeology firm to determine if any remains or unmarked graves exist in the area of the proposed development.

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