Hingham CARES Awarded Grant For Substance Abuse Prevention From Plymouth County DA's Office

By Hingham Current Staff, Posted: July 14, 2020 

Hingham CARES was recently awarded a generous grant from the Plymouth County District Attorney's Office“This substance use issue is something that we are all immersed in and none of us are immune from,” said Plymouth County District Attorney Tim Cruz. “It is an issue that law enforcement cannot arrest its way out of or one that schools, parents or the medical community are equipped to deal with on their own.” The DA and the Sheriff founded the Plymouth County Drug Abuse Task Force to assist communities in tackling the issue of substance abuse. “The only avenue we have is for all of us to work in concert together to keep our kids safe,” DA Cruz continued. “I commend Hingham CARES for all of the work they have done and continue to do. Their efforts are leading the way for town residents.”


The Plymouth County Drug Abuse Task Force partners with local coalitions to deliver quality drug diversion, education and awareness programs to their communities. To that end, the District Attorney’s Office recently offered a mini-grant opportunity to provide for these programs. “Our newest board member, Rick Linehan, notified CARES that the DA’s Office has a grant program to support local coalitions,” said Hingham CARES Board member Libby Claypoole. “We are so pleased that we were awarded this funding which will give us the opportunity to explore virtual programming during these times of social distancing.”


“I have had the good fortune of working for District Attorney Tim Cruz for the past 17 years,” said Rick Linehan. “I was more than happy to help facilitate this grant.” Linehan and Lisa Battista, both long-time Hingham residents, recently joined the Board of Directors of Hingham CARES. “When I was asked to join the Board, I immediately recognized the potential synergy between the missions of Hingham CARES and the Plymouth County District Attorney’s Office,” said Linehan. “The goal of both organizations is to facilitate a reduction of drug use and resulting crime, particularly through the education of our young people.”


As the saying goes, “Local problems require local solutions.” The mission of Hingham CARES is to reduce substance misuse among the youth in the community as Hingham's substance misuse prevention coalition. In recent years, the coalition has offered a variety of programming options, set up a literature information station in Town Hall and worked closely with the school administration and law enforcement to educate parents and students on the dangers of underage substance use. These funds will allow CARES to continue to make a difference in the community.

EDITOR'S NOTE: Kristen Arute is a staff member of Hingham Current.

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