Hingham-Hull Babe Ruth League Holds All-Star Game, Awards Ceremony

By Greg Lane, Aug. 20th, 2020

Hingham-Hull Babe Ruth League will hold an All-Star Game and awards ceremony to cap off the end of their season on Thursday, August 27th at 6:00 PM under the lights at Hull High School.

While it will be fun for the kids to brag to their fellow teammates about who wins, the All-Star Game and awards ceremony are in celebration of the season that nearly wasn’t.

“We had a couple of bumps in the road,” League President Marc Swirbalus said. “With the whole social distancing thing, we had to make adjustments to our dugouts, asked the parents to space themselves out. But, other than that, things ran pretty smooth.”

The season began on July 6 and ended with the title game on Friday night. The Cardinals finished as champions after defeating the Dodgers 11-1.

Swirbalus, who also coaches the Cardinals, will skipper players from the Cardinals, Rockies and Giants during the All-Star Game. Facing Swirbalus’s squad will be players from the Dodgers, Orioles and Yankees, and they will be led by Coach Erich Richard of the Dodgers.

“The kids had fun and were excited to get out,” Swirbalus said about the season. “You know, with school being cut short and everything else, it’s good to see smiles on their faces and sometimes you know, the agony of defeat. They live and learn and hopefully grow from the experience.”

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