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Hingham May Have Seen Record-Breaking Primary Turnout  

By Greg Lane, Sept. 3rd, 2020


Voter turnout in Hingham’s unusual, largely mail-in primary election Tuesday is the highest in more than a decade, according to unofficial results from the Town Clerk Eileen McCracken.

According to the Town Clerk, there were 7,616 votes cast in the US Senate primary as well as many of down ballot races, including 4,037 in the Democratic primary and 1,330 in the Republican primary, on Tuesday. With a registered voter pool of approximately 18,318, that adds up to a turnout of 41.6 percent, significantly higher the state average. 

Tuesday’s turnout was the highest in decades for a statewide primary, and blew away comparable races in 2008, 2012 and 2016, which saw turnout of 11.8 percent, 9.1 percent,14.7 percent, respectively, according to voter turnout data from the League of Women Voters of Hingham. 

Voter Turnout in Hingham
Markey and Lynch Sweep Hingham 

By Greg Lane, Sept. 4th, 2020

There was record voter turnout in Hingham in the Tuesday U.S. Senate primary, as more than 40 percent percent of registered voters cast ballots to choose the next Senator for Massachusetts.

More than 7,600 of approximately 18,318 residents eligible to vote, or 41.6 percent, went to the polls, according to unofficial results from the Town Clerk’s office. By comparison, in the 2016 U.S. Senate primary, 14.7 percent of registered residents voted, marking a steep increase of about 26.9 percent.

In a very competitive primary, a significant majority of Hingham voters chose the victorious Ed Markey over Patrick Kennedy for the US Senate and Steve Lynch over Robbie Goldstein. In fact, Markey won every of Hingham’s 7 precincts, with his lowest support at 53.42 percent in Precinct 6 and his highest support at 61.59 percent in Precinct 5A. In the primary for Representative In Congress, Lynch won swept every precinct, with his lowest support at 62.90 in Precinct 2 and his highest support at 67.46 in Precinct 5. 

 Voter Turnout in Hingham
 By Precinct on September 1, 2020 
O'Connor Wins Republican Primary for US Senate  

By Greg Lane, Sept. 4th, 2020

Kevin O’Connor won the Senate GOP primary in Massachusetts on Tuesday, delivering the party establishment a key victory.

O'Connor won more than 67 percent of the vote In Hingham, beating Shiva Ayyadurai, an Indian-American scientist, engineer, politician and entrepreneur.

However, running as a Republican for US Senator is an uphill battle in Massachusetts, as they have only won the seat once since 1972. But, the Republican establishment is confident that spell might be broken with O'Connor as its nominee.  

O’Connor will go on to face the Democratic nominee incumbent Sen. Ed Markey in the general election on Nov. 3.


Hingham 2020 Primary Election Results

I* - Incumbent
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