ELECTION RESULTS ARE IN! Ayer and Benham Win School Committee. Ramsey Wins Selectman.

Kristen Arute, Hingham Staff, June 27, 2020

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Election results are in! Here are Hingham's newly-elected officials...


With 1860 votes, Michelle Ayer has won a second term on School Committee. Jen Benham, with 1164 votes, is the Committee's newest member. Stephanie Gertz ran an effective campaign but came up just short with 960 votes.


Bill Ramsey is officially a member of the Board of Selectmen with 1962 votes. His opponent, Kirk Shilts, had dropped out of the race a few weeks ago.

All of the remaining races were uncontested.

Planning Board - Rita DaSilva (1781 votes)

Housing Authority - Megan Buhr (1728 votes)

Board of Health - Lizzie Eldredge (1883 votes)

Recreation Commission - Adrienne Ramsey (1895 votes)

Sewer Commission - Stephen Harold (1745 votes)

Municipal Light Board - Jack Ryan (1795 votes)

Board of Assessors - Greg Hall (1773 votes)

Moderator - Michael Puzo (1975 votes)