Development Of Two Homes Begins On Ward Street

By Kristen Arute, Published: July 2, 2020
Hingham Current News File Photo / Kristen Arute

Development of two homes has begun on the 6.2-acre lot at 90 Ward Street formerly known as the Jehovah’s Witness property. Tom Corcoran of Corcoran Construction will be doing the work. In 2018, the church had sold the property to George McGoldrick of Black Rock Development. Two others, including the developer next door, Brian Murphy, had also expressed interest in it.


In February 2019, a special permit was issued by the Planning Board for the Flexible Residential Development. Due to the acreage on the lot, three homes were approved. Neighbors, who had long been concerned about the opportunity for Murphy to purchase the property and expand his 32-unit 40B affordable housing development known as "River Stone," attended the meeting and endorsed the plan. Because the property used well water, easements were required to connect the new homes to the water company. With help from the Town, neighboring properties provided that and, in the process, became customers of the water company as well.


After the permits were issued, Murphy filed a lawsuit against McGoldrick and the Town of Hingham’s Board of Health. In an effort to put an end to the legal battle, McGoldrick, with approval from the Town, sold one of the three parcels on the property to Murphy. On it is a coveted potable well. Prior to the sale, McGoldrick confirmed with town officials that Murphy would be required to build a single family home on the lot and would be unable to use it for the River Stone project.

This property has long been eyed for development, but four acres of wetlands in the back constrain the potential of the lot. McGoldrick attempted to donate that land to the Town, but the Town declined his offer. The land will be kept as open space on the property.

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