Impact Of COVID On Plan To Reopen Hingham Schools

By: Greg Lane, Hingham Current Staff, August 13, 2020  
Hingham Current File

Austin: Do COVID numbers impact phases?

Kerry: If Austin can move forward on his own, where is the accountability?


Yesterday the Department of Public Health released statistics on COVID showing that Hingham's numbers are among the lowest in the state.


The school department drafted a plan with community feedback and the approval of the school committee.


There is a lack of specificity in the plan specifically no metric to move from one phase to the next.

There is a lack of physical space.


Parents have been asked to be patient.


Parents can't plan for their own schedules.


Parents can't plan a transition for their children because they have not received information on which cohort their children will be in.


Include quote from Libby about being delusional.


Outstanding questions include how will the plan guide Hingham schools in transitioning from phase to phase, how does deci factor in and why do they have input to the extent that they do when they are overseeing the entire state.


Include quote from Paul Austin about being cautious and conservative. Is this plan based on one put together by Boston University?


School department has said cohorts will be geographic.


Kids need structure.


Parents and teachers need to plan for childcare.