Developer Proposes 100-Acre Mixed Use Development

By Kristen Arute, Hingham Current Staff, September 13, 2020 

The owner of South Shore Park, A.W. Perry, will be holding an informational meeting at their office this week for South Hingham residents. The developer plans to present a proposal for developing of 100 acres in the Park. A link to the South Shore Park Comprehensive Plan for Strategic Place Application that was provided to the Town in 2019 can be found here.

Over a year ago, several residents from the Farm Hills neighborhood met with Rich Beal, President of A.W. Perry, to view the preliminary plans for the development of 200 acres of land owned by A.W. Perry that is located on the opposite side of Route 3 from the Derby Street Shoppes between Derby Street in Hingham and Commerce Road in Rockland. The final version of the plan, which was completed in November 2019 before COVID became a reality, calls for, among other things, a hotel and a movie theater.

Currently, the area is zoned for commercial development which means A.W. Perry or a representative from the Town of Hingham would need to present a zoning bylaw change to a future Town Meeting so that it can be rezoned to accommodate other uses, like high-density residential development.

A.W. Perry, has been part of the Hingham community for close to 50 years. They have land holdings in town in the form of both developed and raw land assets, primarily in south Hingham. Over the past few years, they have begun to consider the master planning of their properties in south Hingham. Rich Beal is quoted in the presentation as saying: "Now is the time to bring life and purpose to South Shore Park."

Kristen Arute can be reached at kristen@hinghamcurrent.com.